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Birth Pool Rental

A birth pool is a valuable tool if you are planning a home or birth center birth.  Whether you deliver in the water or not, the tub can be a great form of pain relief and rest for your labor, as it removes you from the forces of gravity.  Email me to reserve my pool for your due date.

The pool I offer is a Birth Pool in a Box eco-mini professional model.  The mini version feels spacious inside without taking away too much space in your New York sized apartment.  The pool features handles and cupholders, a nicely fitted liner, and a built-in inflatable seat.  


Included in rental is a one-time use filling and emptying hose, a standard sink adapter, a one-time use hygenic liner, a fitted cover, an emptying  pump, an instruction booklet, and an air inflation pump.  I can also give you personalized guidance in setting up the pool.









$100:  Nonrefundable reservation deposit if you reserve ahead of time.  This counts towards your total rental fee.

$200:  Total rental fee starting on your 37th week of pregnancy until you give birth.

$50:  Delivery fee.  Otherwise you pickup from my Greenp0int, Brooklyn location.

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