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Classes for expecting and new parents:

View my full yoga schedule here.  

Pre/post-natal Yoga
Attending a prenatal yoga class is a special  experience, distinct from attending open level yoga classes.  Prenatal yoga addresses the unique needs of your pregnant body, and it's a practice which helps prepare you both mentally and physically for the process of labor.   Group sessions offer the possibility of meeting women who are going through the same stage in their lives.  I've been touched over the years to see strong friendships form in my prenatal classes.  Students learn from each other's stories and experiences as much as they learn from what I have to offer. 
Private sessions are a great way to address the unique needs of your body, and to delve deeper into defining a personal practice.  $100/hour session.


I actually loved giving birth!! I didn’t expect that at all!! I enjoyed every moment of it! And I need to give you super THANK YOU and say that the yoga classes were fundamental for such an incredible and surreal life experience. 

Michelle, mother of Felix, born September 2019



I can't thank you enough for all you did to train my body for this moment.  As I was pushing after 14 hours of excruciating drug-free labor, the doctor looked up to me and asked, "do you do yoga?"  I was like, "Fuck yeah with the best teacher on the planet!"  I felt so strong when I pushed and had such stamina throughout.  


--Emily, yoga student of Adele and mother of Ottilia, born March 2014

Baby and Me:  6 weeks old to walking.  
Classes currently on hold, but new mothers can still take my prenatal classes hosted by Usha Veda Yoga

     Bring your baby to yoga class! Fathers, grandmothers, and other family members are welcome to join.   My "baby and me" class is mother-centric but also recognizes that half of the population in the room is infantile.   Songs with movement entertain the little ones.   Learn about your infant's developmental patterns as you emulate his or her movement in your own body.   Meanwhile, we'll focus on the particular needs of new mothers:   through core strength/pelvic floor work, diastis recti recovery excercises, and relief for sore backs and shoulders.

photo credit:  Stephanie de Rouge

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