Lending Library:  


Over the years, I have acquired a library of childbirth books, and I am happy to lend them out to my clients and students.  I have included my personal reviews of the books as much as possible.  Contact me to borrow a book, or you can click on the picture to link to amazon and purchase.  If you buy through my site, amazon kicks a few pennies back at me.

Penny Simkin wrote both of these books.  She takes a refreshingly unbiased view of chilbirth, offering both natural coping methods and medical intervention possibilities.  If you read one book about childbirth, I'd say the Birth Partner is a good pick.  I frequently lend my copies to doula clients.

Ina May Gaskin is often referred to as the mother of modern midwifery.  These books are half inspiring birth stories and half practical information on childbirth.  They are great for gaining confidence in the capacity of your amazing body, but they may just make you want to run down to her hippie community, the Farm, in Tennessee to have your baby!

Hypnobirthing is a method that utilizes breath and visualization.  At the core of the practice is reframing the language of birth:  for instance, reframing what "pain" means, so that the sensations of labor do not lead to fear or panic.  I have seen several mothers use hypnobirthing techniques very successfully in their labors.  I think this book is most effective if you also take an accompanying class.  

Birth Videos:

Here's a few videos that I feel are a good portrayal of normal childbirth.  Enjoy.


Baby Toys:

Some people have been asking about the toys that I have in my baby and me yoga classes.  When shopping for toys, consider that the best toys don't perform for children. Rather, they are a neutral starting place for children to engage in movment and later imagination.  Here's a great article on toys,  Below you can see the amazon links to some of the toys I have in my class.  I have obtained most of mine locally, from stores like Mini Jake and Flying Squirrel in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, and Kidding Around in the West Village.



Training pants are a great way to give your baby diaper-free time and minimize mess.  If you try some diaper-free time each day, you may notice a big difference in your baby's movement capabilities.


Prenatal links:


Choices in Childbirth is a new york guide to caring providers in NYC.  Lists include doctors, midwives, educators, and more.


Spinning Babies is a website about fetal positioning and how it relates to your positioning.  A great resource for  your third trimester. 


DONA International is a non-profit organization that sets the standard for doula training.  There are both labor and post partum doulas listed here.


The Birth Survey offers consumer feedback on hospitals, birth centers, and caregivers.  A resource for visual material that might help you through the birth process.

Acupuncture and Massage: 

Meg Friar-Plikaitis offers massage from her home in Bed Stuy, and she gives a good, strong prenatal massage.

Earth and Sky Healing Arts  Katinka Locasio runs this space in Long Island City-- she's an amazing infant crania-sacral therapist, and she has a staff of experienced massage therapists who specialize in prenatal/postpartum



Doula Friends:

Carriage House Birth: I belong to this awesome doula collective.  Their space in Williamsburg hosts a number of services, like group breastfeeding support, acupuncture, and full moon circles.  It's also a great place to look for childbirth ed classes, my own Yoga for Labor class, and any kind of doula.

Maternal Yoga:

Usha Veda Yoga in Greenpoint is where I currently teach  prenatal and baby-and-me yoga classes.    

Integral Yoga Institute: in the West Village, IYI offers classes in prenatal, postpartum, and yoga for labor and delivery.  There is also a natural food store and vitamin store adjacent to the center.


Bend and Bloom Yoga  is the Grand Central Station of prenatal yoga classes, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Look for my prenatal class there on Sundays!



Links for New Moms:

Body Align Physical Therapy: One of my students has been working with Jill Hoefs for postpartum recovery physical therapy. Jill and I see eye to eye on a lot of things, and she just came out with a new book.


Maternal Fitness: Julie Tupler’s is a physical therapist whose training technique is proven to correct separation, or diastasis, of the rectus abdominal muscles.


Embodied Asana: Go take Amy's "Babies!" class!  One of my primary teachers, she has a profound understanding of developmental movement.   You and your infant deserve time with her.


Amazing Babies Moving is a website about infant movement development.  A great reasouce for learning about how your baby learns.


ConsciousBabyBlog: Another great resource to learn about your baby's movement patterns, from a Body Mind Centering perspective.


Brooklyn Baby Hui is an online parents’ forum in yahoo groups, serving North Brooklyn.  Very helpful to meet other new parents, find out what's going and, and to get free and cheap baby stuff!  The larger group can be overwhelming-- look for your subgroup, such as "spring babies 2015"

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